Danang Investment Promotion Agency is calling for local and international companies to invest in six hi-tech farms worth around US$90 million.

The city has designated land for farming and this includes a 230-hectare cow and pig husbandry farm valued at VND460 billion, and a 30-hectare pig and chicken husbandry farm valued at VND230 billion in Hoa Vang.

Danang’s tourism is booming with an average yearly increase of 20.06% between 2013-2017. The coastal city recorded 6.6 million tourists in 2017, and it has already seen 4 million tourists in the rst six months of 2018. This has led to an increase in demand for meat products.

Vietnam’s meat market is valued at US$18 billion and its poultry production is expected to double before 2021. According to Euromonitor, more than 3 million tonnes of meat were consumed in Vietnam in 2016.